Geography and biodiversity of Acre


What/where is Acre?

The whole of Acre lies in the Amazon Basin. 93% of its territory is covered with tropical rain forest. Acre is divided in two geographical regions which are the drainage basins of the rivers Juruá and Purús. The rivers of Acre are so-called white-water rivers, which (unlike the clear- and black-water rivers) carry murky, muddy waters, rich in minerals. Due to the regular floodings and the quality of the water, the soil at the shores is more fertile. Rain ForestIn spite of the alarming extent of the deforestation the biodiversity of Acre and the Amazon Basin is still enormous: There are the mammoth trees like the "sumauma" that reaches up to 160 feet of altitude, innumerable species of climbing plants and vines, ferns, bushes, palm trees, the water lily "victoria regia" with 6 feet of diameter; there are the Brazil-nuts, the copaíba, various fruits like açai, graviola, and cupuaçu, numberless species of insects, fishes, the parrots, araras and other birds that add together with the crickets and cicadas the unique acoustics to the rain forest; the caimans, the boa constrictor "sucuri", the rays, the land- and sweet-water turtles, tapirs, the monkeys, jaguars, panthers and other wildcats...

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