Campaign for the Approval of
the Statute of the Indigenous Peoples
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What it is the Statute of the Indigenous Peoples ?

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Currently the rights of the Indigenous peoples in Brazil are determined by Law 6,001/1973. This law from 1973 does not suit the current situation and presents a discriminatory vision of the Indigenous peoples.
The Statute of the Indigenous Peoples is a proposal that seeks to grant the protection and the rights of the Brazilian Indigenous societies, taking into consideration:

  • Demarcation of Indigenous lands
  • Usufruct of the forest’s resources
  • Environmental protection
  • Health
  • Education
  • Productive activities
  • Criminal norms
  • Crimes against Indians

Since 1994 this proposal lies still in the Brazilian House of Representatives. Seeing the threat of degradation of Indigenous cultures in Brazil, this inactivity cannot be accepted.


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The first part of the signatures is supposed to be handed in until end of May. CIMI will continue gathering signatures until end of this year (2002).

Who can sign?

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Any person over 18 years of age can sign the petition.

Act now!

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  1. Print out the petition:
    Click here to open the document in MS Word format

    or here for PDF format .
    Note: You need to use the original Portuguese form for the petition.
    You can print out the English translation of the petition for information: Click here for MS Word Format or here for PDF format
  2. Send the signed petition to: Cimi - Caixa Postal 03679
    Cep 70,084-970
    Brasilia - Df - Brazil
  3. Send an e-mail to, so we can keep you informed about the success / the conclusion of the campaign.
  4. Win other people’s support for this campaign and broadcast this page:
    a) Send out e-mails, informing other people about the campain.
    b) Place this banner in your site. Click here for instructions
  5. Send a Letter of protest to
    Exmo Sr. Presidente da República
    Fernando Henrique Cardoso
    Praça dos Três Poderes, Palácio do Planalto – 3o andar
    CEP 70150-900 Brasília – DF

    Know more about the Statute of the Indigenous Peoples:

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    2. Indigenous Assembly Draws up Proposal for the Statute of Indigenous Peoples

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