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(*(pronounced "uss uh eeh")

Açaí - energetic potential of the Amazon
Açaí (Euterpe precatoria) is a palm tree that occurs in several regions of the Amazon. Its fruit pulp is being used for making Juices and ice creams. The fruits nutritional values are extraordinary. The delicious taste and especially its scientifically proven energetic properties have been causing a growing demand throughout Brazil.

Compared with raw cow milk, Açaí fruit pulp contains:

  • 4 times more energy
  • 3 times more lipids
  • 7 times more carbohydrates
  • 118 times more iron
  • 9 times more vitamin B1
  • 8 times more vitamin C
  • the same amount of protein and calcium
  • half as much phosphorus

and even fights cholesterol and free radicals.

harvesting Açaí

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Manifold traditional use
The traditional inhabitants use to call the juice "Açaí-wine". They also use it to make creams and a kind of porridge with manioc meal, banana or fish. The Açaí seed can be used for producing handicraft and a great natural fertilizer. Certain parts of the plant can be burned and produce a smoke that serves as a repellant against mosquitoes and other parasites. The palm hearts from Açaí is widely used for salads, creams, stuffings and is even used for feeding animals. The palm's root is used in the treatment of bleedings and against worms.

Disputing international markets - appropriation of the plant's name
Açaí is a great potential product for international markets and many trademarks have already been registered for its commercialization. Usually these marks are composed by several words, including the plant's name like, for example "Amazon Açaí" or "Açaí Power".
However, since march 2001, the plant's name itself became a trade mark in the European Union.
In the USA, the trade mark Acai (in this system the caracter "ç" is invalid) was registered in march 2001 and abandoned in march 2002. The name is available at this moment. Who will be the word's next owner?

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