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Stop GMO rice in Japan!

The Japanese agricultural institutes Monsanto and Aichi have cooperated and bred herbicide-resistant rice by transgenic technique for the Japanese rice Matsuri-bare. It is said that they are planning to apply for the permission of providing this GMO rice to the Welfare and Working ministry as food supply for Japanese people soon.

Rice is the base of our diet. We Japanese consumers do not want to eat GMO rice, which we fear not to be safe. Planting this rice would not only cause negative effects upon the environment like pollen contamination but also restrain the organic production of rice. Not only Aichi Prefecture rice but also national rice producers might get a big damage because Japanese consumers would not want to buy Japanese rice.

Consumer groups in Japan are promoting the petition against GMO rice to Aichi Prefecture governor Mr. Masaaki Kanda and Aichi Prefecture Agricultural Sogo institute manager Mr. Nobuto Kimura.

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