Growing Diversity


Green Foundation is an acronym for Genetic resources, Energy, Ecology and Nutrition Foundation.
Green Foundation works with small and marginal farmers conserving, promoting and reviving genetic and cultural diversity in Southern India.
Seed and soil conservation are its major concerns. Green foundation recognizes the significance of culture, traditional knowledge systems, spiritual beliefs and role of women amongst different social groups as dominant elements governing the lives of people.
Green Foundation acknowledges that diversity is the basis of sustainable livelihoods which determine the local economy. Culture plays an essential role in binding people and sustainable livelihoods.

Strategic choices for conservation and growing diversity :
On farm conservation of genetic diversity aims at conservation of undervalued crops grown by subsistence farmers. Farmer participation and using diversity are the underlying key factors in the strategy.
Maintaining a field gene bank is an essential function that provides the back up for on farm conservation
Community seed banks help in conserving seed varieties and spreading the local land races
Seeds are distributed through the community seed banks . Farmer to farmer exchange and multiplier effect is evident here.
Monitoring and evaluating of varieties distributed is done to assess the adaptability, performance, disease, yield and drought resistance.

Research and experimentation are taken up on problems faced by farmers.

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Purification of varieties and value addition to diversity ensures the enhancement of food security.

Backyard gardens are promoted to provide variety , nutritive food and food security.

Sanghas and seed management committees are initiated and empowered to manage seed conservation.
Training programmes are held frequently to enable conservation efforts for systematic management and skill development among the people.

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