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Workshop on the Local Management of Agricultural Biodiversity
9 - 19 May, Rio Branco-Acre, Brazil


  The "International Workshop on the Local Management of Agricultural Biodiversity" is the highlight of the Growing Diversity Project. Many of the participants attending this meeting include farmers, fishermen and women, indigenous peoples and pastoralists from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and take part in preparing strategic plans to strengthen the role of local communities in biodiversity conservation and management.
This Workshop will be organised in partnership with GTA-Acre - Amazonian Working Group, a network of grassroots organisations working in the Brazilian Amazon Region. The on-line documentation of the event is made possible with the help of the local NGO The programme will be comprised of two parts:
  • (i) a first session from 9-17 May 2002, for the GD participants only;
  • (ii) a second session from 18-19 May 2002 that will be made accessible to Brazilian participants.

The venue of the first session will be held in a Hotel in Rio Branco (State capital of Acre). Here, there will be exhibits for sharing experiences, plenary sessions, working groups and a two day field visit to local communities. The second session will be held in Rio Branco itself. In this two-day session, more than 100 Brazilian participants invited by GTA-Acre, will join the international GD participants. This session will be organised by local Brazilian partners, and the international participants will be requested to share their experiences and opinions on key issues. This will also be an opportunity to present the conclusions of the first session to a broader audience and to the press.
For the first session, we expect around 65 participants: 15 from Asia, 15 from Africa, 25 from Latin America (including 10 Brazilians, members of the local organising committee), and 10 from Europe and North America. Decisions on who will be invited had been based on a set of criteria defined at the Regional and Sub-regional Workshops.

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