Growing Diversity

ADD - Association for Sustainable Development
Béni Khédache, Médenine. Tunisia

Abdelhamid Zammouri from ADD
at the GD workshop

In sight of the deterioration of biodiversity in the area of Beni Khedache we believe that conservation of natural resources cannot be achieved without direct participation of the “fellah” (peasant) who is the main guarantee for the sustainable management of those resources. We also believe that traditional knowledge and know-how related to the culture make a precious background that we need to protect.

The above points are prerequisites for sustainable development in our region and in our opinion. They constitute the base for continuous protection of biodiversity. Moreover, we think that this project is a starting point to remedy the farmer’s situation and educate and inform him about his role in his own development and conservation of biodiversity. We want to give back it’s former idea of development to this region, including respect for the environment, the preservation of traditional practices for the conservation of local genetic resources in the southern ecosystem in Tunisia.

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